Lovely Client Testimonials

Getting feedback from my students and clients is an amazing gift. This is why I LOVE spending time in the kitchen with you! Thank you for sharing your experiences so others can be inspired by the incredible changes you have made.

Seasonal Cleanses

I signed up for the Cleanse because my body was screaming at me for a change.  I had an absolutely horrific diet, was a stress eater and as a result my energy levels were like a roller coaster ride. Having never eaten a healthy diet in my life I was petrified going into the cleanse and didn’t know if I could do it.  However, with the tremendous training and genuine support throughout the entire week, not to mention the rest of the group, I made it through the cleanse with very little difficulty.  Today I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I could have possibly done for myself.  I’m off the processed foods and sweets for good, eating healthy and am feeling better than I’ve felt in a very long time!  Tanya, thank you again for all your tremendous support!
– Suzanne E.

Of course we all want to look and feel healthy as spring and summer approach, but for some of us it is an effort to understand all the ups and downs of what we should eat. We all do not have the same metabolisms and digestions, so it is complicated. What Tanya does is show MOST of what affects most people, the sugar, wheat, white flour, caffeine. Then as we progress, we find out what works for us. She gave us many EASY, recipes, kept in contact with us all week and cheered us all on. I felt very secure in her knowledge, I do still not eat a lot of what I ate before, I lost 6 pounds in two weeks. This is all a great start, and the yoga portion also put us in the right frame of mind for cleansing, detoxing and calming stress. Kudos Tanya!!!
– Ann T.

The cleanse came along at the perfect time for me and after just 7 days I feel great! I learned that with just a little planning ahead eating well is very manageable – even when you’re super busy. Being part of a supportive group was a huge help and I really enjoyed hearing about their experiences and sharing recipes throughout the week. I will definitely continue to incorporate many of the tips and strategies I learned!
– Amy N.

The cleanse was incredibly helpful, supportive and enlightening. After just 7 days I felt better and could breathe much more easily. It was wonderful to have the guidance to do what I knew I needed but wasn’t able to put into action on my own. Thank you Tanya for all your help!
– Pat S.

This cleanse was an amazing experience! It was so well organized and the recipes were diverse but very easy to prepare. I learned that with proper planning you CAN prepare real food in very little time. Tanya’s emails throughout the week were inspiring and helped keep me going. I plan on continuing to read all labels, drink more water and plan my meals!
– Lynn R.

Cooking Classes

It was a true luxury to have Tanya come into my kitchen, set everything up and completely handle the whole class. I was very nervous about fitting 10 people in my small kitchen, but the way Tanya set up the stations, it worked seamlessly. Tanya’s extensive knowledge about cooking and nutrition was so insightful and helpful! Our meal together was highlighted by people asking random questions about feeding small kids, definitions of miso and tahini, and more. Tanya answered all questions with true depth of knowledge, and at the same made the information feel accessible to all of us. I would highly recommend Tanya’s class to anyone wanting to have a special night with friends and learn more about eating well at the same time. Thanks again for a wonderful time Tanya!
– Michelle E.