Holistic Nutrition Services

Initial Health Consultation

Could one conversation change how you eat, live and feel? When was the last time someone was totally focused on YOU and fully supportive in helping you overcome your health challenges?

The Initial Health Consultation includes a detailed review of your health history, your current health concerns, symptoms and goals. The purpose of this consultation is for me to learn about you, your unique situation and explore how holistic and therapeutic nutrition can help you. We will discuss the possible interconnections between your symptoms and your options for healing and recovery. To get you started you will receive a summary of our session and guidance on how to get started.

Cost: $75

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4-Month Personalized Program

Are you suffering from digestive issues, pain, stress and intense cravings? Do you want lose a few pounds, have more energy, focus and clearer skin? Are you newly diagnosed or recovering from illness or injury? Then this 4-month coaching program is for you! This is not about taking drastic measures, eating rabbit food or deprivation. We’re going to focus on simple strategies for incorporating real, whole foods into your diet that will support your health and healing. During our time together you will learn and incorporate powerful habits that will serve you for the rest of your life!

Your program includes:

  • Personalized Protocol: Through clinical research I will create a personalized and detailed protocol to support your symptoms and guide you to achieving your health goals. The protocol will include nutrition focused recommendations, healing foods, lifestyle modifications and supplement recommendations.
  • Functional Health Assessments: I use a variety of tools, assessments and questionnaires to help us identify the possible root cause(s) of your symptoms and what changes are necessary to help you feel your best.
  • 8 Accountability Sessions (50 mins): During these meetings we’ll see how things are going, troubleshoot any challenges and set realistic goals. We will focus on improving the quality of the food you eat, incorporate new lifestyle choices, and find creative ways to reduce daily stress. This can be done in person, via phone or Skype.
  • Educational Handouts and Recipe Recommendations: You will receive handouts with further information to help you implement our plan as well as delicious recipes that will have you experimenting with deeply nourishing and healing foods. All of these things can be kept in the Home Cooked Healing binder you will receive as part of the program.
  • Email Support: Email me between sessions to ask questions, get clarification and make any necessary changes.
  • BONUS: All 1:1 clients receive access to the Supermarket Savvy Mini E-course. This course will teach you how to read labels, what to steer clear of, introduce you to pantry staples and give you some ideas on how to efficiently menu plan.
  • Cost: $749

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