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Have you read tons of health books but can’t seem to act on any of the
good advice?

Has your doctor recommended a drastic change to your diet
that seems impossible to follow?

Do you have the best of intentions of making healthy meals
but it never quite works the way you imagined?

Could holistic nutrition counseling help you?

It very well could!

Holistic nutrition asks the key question that is often not asked by traditional medicine…..”Why?”

Why are you feeling pain?
Why are you tired all the time?
Why can’t you lose the weight?
Why is your is your digestion a mess?
Why are you moody, anxious or depressed?

Holistic nutrition looks beneath the surface of your symptoms to uncover the root cause of what you’re experiencing. Then, through evidence-based and holistic principles we create a way of eating and living that addresses those issues to start the healing process.

How I work.

My goal is to put an end to short-term fixes and instead find sustainable solutions that work for YOU!

I will help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are are most appropriate for your health and lifestyle.

Say goodbye to restrictive eating and hello to real food and easier choices!

Our work together is a partnership – together we will discover how to radically improve your health by eating real, whole food, cooking simple meals, and making achievable lifestyle changes.

Contact me today to set up your initial health consultation!